The New Suzuki Swift Sport 2019 review – Can you still have fun on a budget?

The New Suzuki Swift Sport 2019 review – Can you still have fun on a budget?

Back in 2016, Suzuki released the fourth generation of the Swift which saw a lot of new improvements from the previous generations.

Although we still love the performance and looks of the 2018 Swift Sport, let’s look at what the latest swift sport has to offer.



The best pocket rocket?

Efficiency flows through the Swift Sport with its aluminum body that’s strong but very light. The Swift Sport weighs only 965 kilos, that’s lighter than its predecessor; meaning better braking and handling for an impeccable ride.


Sporting performance and impressive efficiency


 The 2019 Swift Sport is refined, engaging; amazing. Though the Chassis balance isn’t adjustable like in the previous model, it still handles pretty well on all surfaces.

Suzuki’s highly efficient performance engines offer a balance between economy and power. With the Swift Sport having the powerful turbocharged 1.4 BOOSTERJET, 4-cylinder, petrol engine designed to produce 140 BHP with a maximum torque of between 2,500-3,500 rpm to achieve a top speed of 130mph and reaching 0-62MPH in just 8.1 seconds.

The 2019 Swift Sport offers a sweet of innovative technologies that enhance performance, help save fuels and reduce CO2 emission; returning official figures of 47.1mpg and 135g/km CO2 emissions; the 2019 Swift Sport is just remarkable.


Technologies in the Swift Sport

The new Swift Sport looks powerful; it feels agile especially round corners. The size of the Swift Sport makes it very ideal for a nice city car, as parking it is very easy. Though it is expensive for a small pocket rocket, the standard Swift Sport comes with almost everything.

The 2019 Swift Sport has luxurious and spacious interior features, high quality materials and beautiful finishes.

Suzuki still fitted it with RECARO racing seats that complement the sportiness of the Swift Sport.

Also featured in the new Swift Sport is a Bluetooth®-compatible Smartphone Linkage Display Audio Display* unit with a 7-inch touchscreen and a SD Card 3D-map navigation.

*Enables operation of smartphone applications through Apple CarPlay, Android Auto™ or MirrorLink™*.

The lane keep assist warning feature detects lane drifts and alerts the driver. It produces a beep while flashing an alert on the instrument panel.

Adaptive cruise control can be activated to monitor traffic ahead and upon detecting a potential collision, the car either alerts the driver, assists braking, or autobrakes, depending on the situation.

Weaving alert function*

At 60km/h or faster, the weaving alert function is designed to calculate the driving pattern and issue audio and visual warnings if the vehicle is “wandering” due to driver drowsiness, etc.


And though the Swift Sport is a small car, there’s ample head room and rear knee room that will be comfortable for you and your friends.


The Swift Sport offers luggage capacity of:

  • 947 litres with rear seatback folded with emergency rear flat tyre repair kit.
  • 579 litres with fixed rear seat – with emergency rear flat tyre repair kit.
  • 265 litres with rear seatback raised and with emergency rear flat tyre repair kit.

For a small car this boot space which can accommodate your daily luggage making it a practicable choice.



The car does look nice and sporty.

Good fuel economy.

The new version has a turbo which increases the power to 140 horsepower.

Good sporty suspensions that work well on rough roads.

Reaches 0-60 in 8 seconds which is not bad.

It weighs 965 kilos; better braking and handling.

The back is more comfortable, very surprising for a car this size.

The standard version of the Swift Sport comes with just about everything.

And now you can see everything with the new computer system. It will show you how much boost the turbo is producing, show your acceleration and braking, and you will also get to see the torque and the power of the engine.



The boot is still small, but it is a small car after all.

It has automatic cruise control but the lane keep assist only beeps while displaying an alert message. In some cars the system will pull the car to the side of the road if this happens or slow down the car in the Swift’s case you are on your own.

In my opinion, the 4 door swift sport doesn’t look very sporty, just look at the previous 3-door swift sport and I’m sure you will side with me on this one.

And though Suzuki has tried to hide the rear door handles it still doesn’t work for me, I’m sorry Suzuki.

The car looks sporty with the chrome twin exhaust but honestly it doesn’t sound sporty at all, so you can’t rev it.

Chassis balance lacks adjustability; character of old car has been diluted

It’s quite expensive


Overall rating

8 / 10                  


Final verdict

Expensive but feels nimble, it’s comfortable, and just like the previous model; very fun to drive.

The 2019 Suzuki Swift Sport, is a true driver’s car.


Have you owned a Swift Sport? Tell us what you think about them.


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