Please read and understand our terms and conditions as they govern our relationship with you in regards to the digital marketing package we provide you. We may modify these terms and conditions with time, so be sure to review them on a regular basis.

In these conditions, “we”, “us”, or “our” means Kostbar Motors. By referring to Kostbar Motors, this also includes Kostbar Motors Website –, and the social media platforms that we run.

The conditions for our advertisers apply to the adverts placed or renewed on our website.


These terms and conditions apply to any advert for the sale of a vehicle that is placed on Kostbar Motors Website for the sale of a vehicle. These conditions show our relationship with you with access to our platforms and services.

By placing an advertisement on Kostbar Motors, you are deemed to have accepted to these terms and conditions.


To place an advertisement on Kostbar Motors, you are required to register with your phone number/email and password, which you must keep secure. Kostbar Motors will not be liable if you fail to keep these details secure. Therefore, we will not be liable for any loss you might suffer to a third party unless it is caused by our negligence. By registering on our platform, you agree that the information you provide will be accurate and complete. All personal information you provide will be protected and used according to our Privacy Policy.

To place your advertisement on Kostbar Motors, you need to provide key information about the vehicle you plan to sell. Every information provided should be truthful and accurate to avoid any conflicts with interested parties. This should be accompanied by your personal information, which you wish to be contacted through.


Each advert you place should feature only one vehicle. Therefore, you need to place a separate advert for any other vehicle you want to advertise.

You should provide accurate information about your vehicle, accompanied by real, high quality, and relevant photographs of the vehicle you plan to advertise.


For your advertisement to run on Kostbar Motors, you are required to make a payment, which will depend on the selected advertising package.

For you to make payment with us, we refer you to a dedicated payment provider who will ensure the safety of your online e-payment.

Advertising fees are paid within 7 days of invoice.
If the advertiser does not pay the fees within the required time, Kostbar Motors will have the right to remove all products placed by that advertiser on Kostbar Motors Website.


When your ad is accepted, it will be placed on Kostbar Motors Website and on our different social media platforms.

Kostbar Motors will not be liable for any error, failure, or omission to publish the advertisement in the form provided.

Kostbar Motors may without notice, refuse to publish an advertisement or delete it, if the advertiser has breached our terms of service.


As an advertiser, you can cancel your advert and terminate our agreement at any time, but through a notice to Kostbar Motors.


It is our obligation to offer you an outstanding service with reasonable skill and care, in a professional way.

We have the right to change our advertising rates at any time. However, any changes will not affect adverts already placed on Kostbar Motors Website.

We have the right to carry out maintenance of our systems and equipment from time to time, but we will ensure that by doing this, minimal distractions are caused.

We have the right to refuse to publish, edit, or delete an advertisement placed by you to comply with both moral and legal requirements.


In respect to the information and materials you provide us, you grant us irrevocable, perpetual, and non-exclusive royalty to use the materials for any purpose.

You agree that all intellectual property rights created by us in connection with your advert will belong to us.


Kostbar Motors will not be in anyway liable to the advertiser for any loss of use, profit, revenue, or data unless caused by our own negligence.

We do not guarantee that by placing your advertisement on Kostbar Motors your vehicle will be sold, as we are focused more on providing a platform to advertise your vehicle for sale.

If you are successful in selling your vehicle through your advert on Kostbar Motors, we will not be liable for any problem during the sale of your vehicle.


By working with Kostbar Motors, you agree to fully indemnify and hold us harmless against loss, costs, or damage suffered caused by any act of negligence by you.


By advertising with us, all details on your advert will appear on Kostbar Motors Website and all our social media platforms. This means that all information in the advertisement is visible to everyone with internet access. You agree that your information will be published this way.

By placing an advert on Kostbar Motors Website, you agree that we will collect some personal data, which will be used according to our Privacy Policy.


Kostbar Motors acknowledges that all information and materials placed on an advert belongs to the advertiser.

The advertiser is not allowed to publish advertising material, news releases, or any other kind of publicity without Kostbar Motors’ approval.


Kostbar Motors might terminate the agreement on any failure by an advertiser to make the needed advertising payment.

If the advertiser breaches the terms of service to levels not capable of remedy, we can terminate the agreement at any time.

We can terminate the agreement upon receiving complaints from a third party regarding your conduct or advert.

Kostbar Motors has the right to terminate an agreement with you when instructed by a law enforcement authority to do so.

  • You possess the right to sell the vehicle you are advertising.
  • The information you provide is truthful, legal, complete, non-defamatory and accurate.
  • You will not upload corrupted files to our platform.
  • You will comply fully to our Privacy Policy.
  • You will not infringe third-party rights of any person.
  • You will not act fraudulently using our platform.
  • You will not post any misleading adverts.
  • You will not insert any third-party links to an extern website without Kostbar Motors’ approval.
  • You will comply with our Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions are set in order between Kostbar Motors and the advertiser in regards to our advertising services.

Kostbar Motors and the advertiser agree to do everything in their position to provide full effect to every part of these Terms and Conditions if asked by the other party to do that.

Failure by either Kostbar Motors or the advertiser to act according to this Agreement will not be an excuse to prevent its exercise.

This agreement is between you and Kostbar Motors. No other individual will be in a position to enforce them.

These Terms and Conditions are constructed and governed by the laws of Kenya. Therefore, any issue will be handled based on the Kenyan Court system.

Terms and Conditions for Buyers

Please read and understand our terms and conditions before accessing the information and services provided to you through Kostbar Motors Website. By accessing and using our platform, you agree to have to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  • COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARKS: Any materials on Kostbar Motors Website is a property of Kostbar Motors unless otherwise stated.
  • USE OF INFORMATION: By using Kostbar Motors Website, you agree that you will use the platform for personal use and not any other purpose. Therefore, information on this site may not be redistributed, sold, or use for commercial reasons. You cannot modify, reproduce, upload, or republish any material from our website. You may also not use Kostbar Motors website in unlawful or prohibited ways.
  • GENERAL INFORMATION: By accessing Kostbar Motors’ platforms, you acknowledge that the information published on the platform is for general information purposes only. Kostbar Motors does not endorse any advertiser and it is your role to do your due diligence to ensure you get the right vehicle based on your needs. Therefore, Kostbar Motors will not be liable in any way for any action taken in reliance to information derived from the Kostbar Motors Website or social media accounts.
  • NO GUARANTEES OF ERROS BY ADVERTISER: Although Kostbar Motors does their best to ensure advertised vehicles are genuine and presented data is accurate, we do not guarantee that every description is free from inaccuracies or errors.
  • NO GURANTEES OF SERVICE: Kostbar Motors does not offer any guarantee that the platform will always be live without any interruptions or errors. Furthermore, we do not warrant the files you download through the website are free of infections of viruses and Trojan.
  • GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS : I. If any part of these terms conditions is held invalid, all other parts will continue being valid and enforceable. <br> II. The laws of Kenya govern these terms and conditions and any case will be handled according to the jurisdiction of the Kenyan Courts.
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