How to Defog a Car Window Fast

How to Defog a Car Window Fast

We all hate it when car windows fog up, as this hinders visibility, which can lead to unexpected accidents.

There are many reasons that can cause your car windows to fog up, and most reasons depend on the current weather conditions.

For example, if you are driving through cold weather, your car windows may start fogging up from the inside because the cold creates a good condition for condensation, as the occupants keep warm on the inside. This happens because the heat heats up the moisture in the car, and when this moisture hits the cold glass, condensation happens.

Alternatively, if you are driving through hot weather, you may want to turn on the air conditioning to keep the interior of your car cool. This means that your car windows will be cool from the inside, causing fog to form on the outside. The good thing about exterior condensation is that it can easily be fixed using the windshield wipers.

How to Defog a Car Window Fast

If your car windows start fogging up from the outside or inside, do not panic. This part of the article looks into some easy ways to defog your car windows fast.

Defogging Your Car Windows Fast in Hot Weather

  • Warm Up Your Car Using the AC

Warm up your car by turning down the air conditioner. This helps match the temperature of your car to that of the outside. You can also consider opening up your windows to let warm air from the outside flow in.

  • Use Windshield Wipers

If the fog is on your windshield, then you can remove it using your windshield wipers. Just turn on your wipers and let them run until the fog is no more.

  • Open Your Windows

Opening up your car windows helps make the temperature in your car match that of the outside. When the interior and exterior temperatures are equal, this automatically defogs your car windows fast.

How to Defog a Car Window Fast in Cold Weather

  • Change Up the Air Source

Most cars have buttons that allow their users to pull air from the outside or recirculate air already in the car.

If your window shields are fogging up due to cold weather, consider altering the settings to make the car pull air from the outside. This helps ensure that the air inside your car is around the same temperature as that of the outside, which goes a long way into defogging your car windows fast.

  • Lower Your Car’s Temperature

As aforementioned, fog on car windows happens because of differing air temperatures. Therefore, you can make the air inside your car match that of the outside by lowering your car’s temperature. Use the AC to turn down the air temperature, as much as possible or turn your fans to the highest setting.

  • Use the Defrost Vent

Turning on the defrost vent directs direct air straight to your car’s windshield and the cool air released helps match your car’s temperature to that of the outside. This is probably the fastest way to defog your car’s windows fast in cold weather without making your driving experience uncomfortable.

Note: Do not wipe the Fog Using Bare Hands

At first, you may want to use your bare hands to wipe off the condensation. However, this is not advised at all because it not only offers a temporary solution, but you may also end up making the situation worse. Oils, dirt, and other contaminants can make it even harder for you to see than you would have before wiping with your hands.

How to Prevent Fog from Forming on Your Car’s Windows

If you are able to prevent fog from forming on your car’s windows, then you will not have to deal with the problem.

Here are some ways to prevent fog from forming on your car’s windows.

  • Roll Down Your Windows

The easiest thing you can do to defog a car window fast is roll down the windows, as this helps maintain a balance between the interior temperature and the exterior temperature. Nevertheless, this is a good option for summer because you do not want ice getting into your car during the cold season.

  • Use Silica Cat Litter

If you fill up a sock with silica cat litter and then place the sock near the dashboard, it will absorb all the moisture in your car, and prevent fog from building up. Get Silica Cat Litter Here.

  • Use Shaving Cream

Get shaving cream that foams up when you squirt it out of the bottle and apply some of it on a soft cloth. Spread the cream on the windshield using the soft cotton cloth, and then wipe it off using a dry rag. This helps create a moisture barrier on the window, preventing fog build up. Get Shaving Cream Here


Fog forms on our car’s windows when the air of distinct temperatures meets. Fog in the summer forms when the warm air outside hits your cool windshield. On the other hand, winter fog gathers when the cold air in your windows encounters the hot air in your car. Comprehending how fog is created can help you defog your car windows easily, as the aforementioned tips show.


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